Agoura Hills - Codependents Anonymous

     Authentic Hearts - New Hope Lutheran

Alameda - Support Group

     Daughters of Narcissists Support Group Meetup

Alviso - Codependents Anonymous

     Rescate Emocional - Gardener Clinic

Apple Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     High Desert Recovery CoDa Group

     Apple Valley Church of the Nazarene


Arcadia - Codependents Anonymous

     Arcadia Congregational Church

Auburn - Codependents Anonymous

     Auburn Grace Community

Avalon - Codependents Anonymous

     Avalon Alano Club

Beaumont - Codependents Anonymous

     New Beginnings Meeting of CoDa


Benicia - Codependents Anonymous

     Let's Get Real Step Study - Southern Solano Alano Club


Big Bear - Codependents Anonymous

     Saint Columba's Episcopal Church

     42324 North Shore Drive


Borrego - Codependents Anonymous

     CoDa's Niner - Alano Club

     3064 Borrego Valley Road


Burbank - Support Group

     Healing from Traumatic Life Events Workshops


Burbank - Therapist

     Carol Williams MA, LMFT, LPCC, EMDR


Burlingame - Codependents Anonymous

     Burlingame CoDa Groups


Cambria - Codependents Anonymous

     Cambria CoDa Groups


Canoga Park - Codependents Anonymous

     Canoga Park CoDa Groups

Capistrano Beach - Codependents Anonymous

     True to Self Women's Group - Capo Beach Church


Carlsbad - Codependents Anonymous

     Women's CoDa - Pilgrim Church

Carmichael - Codependents Anonymous

     Lovable Loving and Loved

     Gethsemane Lutheran Church

     4706 Arden Way


Carson - Codependents Anonymous

     Carson CoDa Groups

Chico - Codependents Anonymous

     Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship


Chula Vista - Codependents Anonymous

     Chula Vista CoDa Groups


Citrus Heights - Codependents Anonymous

     We Care CoDa Group - Friends Church


Claremont - Codependents Anonymous

     Claremont CoDa

Claremont - Support Group

     Healing from Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

     101 North Indian Hill Boulevard, C2-202, Claremont, California 91711

     (909) 552-8496


Corte Madera - Codependents Anonymous

     Women's - Holy Innocents Church

Costa Mesa - Codependents Anonymous

     Costa Mesa CoDa


Costa Mesa - Support Group

     OC Narcissism Counterintelligence Cell

Covina - Codependents Anonymous

     Aprendiendo A Amar - Holy Trinity Episcopal Church


Culver City - Coach

     Marilyn Jhung


Culver City - Codependents Anonymous

     Culver City CoDa Groups


Dana Point - Codependents Anonymous

     Spirit of Fellowship - Capo Beach Church


Davis - Codependents Anonymous

     Davis Lutheran Church

Del Mar - Codependents Anonymous

     St. Peter's Episcopal Church


Desert Hot Springs - Codependents Anonymous

     Winners not Whiners 2.0 - Hacienda Valdez

Downey - Codependents Anonymous

     Downey CoDa Groups

Duarte - Codependents Anonymous   

     Camino a la Libertad - Secret Beauty

El Monte - Codependents Anonymous

     Auto-Liberacion - Peck Business Center


El Sobrante - Codependents Anonymous

     Come as You Are - Hope Lutheran Church


Elk Grove - Codependents Anonymous

     Pathways to Ourselves - Living Water Church


Encinitas - Codependents Anonymous

     Encinitas Seaside Center for Spiritual Living


Encino - Codependents Anonymous

     Encino CoDa Groups

Escondido - Codependents Anonymous

     Escondido CoDa


Fairfield - Codependents Anonymous

     Fairfield CoDa

Folsom - Codependents Anonymous

     Mt. Olive Lutheran Church


Fort Bragg - Codependents Anonymous

     St. Michael's and All Angel's Church


Fountain Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     Sisters Seeking Experience Strength and Hope


Fremont - Codependents Anonymous

     Washington Hospital West


Fresno - Codependents Anonymous

     Fresno CoDa Groups

Fresno - Shelter

     Evangel Home



Fresno - Shelter

     Marjaree Mason Center, Inc


Fullerton - Support Group

     OC & Los Angeles PTSD / CPTSD Support Group

Glendale - Codependents Anonymous

     Vallejo Drive Church


Grass Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     Briar Patch Co-op Community Room


Hanford - Shelter

     KCAO Barbara Saville Shelter



Hemet - Codependents Anonymous

     Building Healthy Relationships - Simpson Center


Hermosa Beach - Codependents Anonymous

     Precious & Free - St. Cross Episcopal Church


Hidden Valley Lake - Codependents Anonymous

     Step Study and Meditation Group


Indio - Codependents Anonymous

     CVRM Open CoDa - Coachella Valley Rescue Mission


Irvine - Codependents Anonymous

     Irvine CoDa Groups

Irvine - Support Group

     From Broken To Smokin'


Kings Beach - Codependents Anonymous

     North Shore Group - Kings Beach United Methodist Church


La Crescenta - Codependents Anonymous

     Women's CoDa - St. Luke's of the Mountains


La Mesa - Codependents Anonymous

     St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church


La Puente - Codependents Anonymous

     Grupo la Puente - Templo de San Luis de Francia

La Quinta - Codependents Anonymous

     La Quinta CoDa


Laguna HIlls - Codependents Anonymous

     Laguna HIlls CoDa Groups

Lake Elsinor - Codependents Anonymous

     Lake Elsinor CoDa


Lancaster - Codependents Anonymous

     Seventh Day Adventist Church

Larkspur - Codependents Anonymous

     Morning Marin CoDa Group - Redwoods Presbyterian Church


Livermore - Codependents Anonymous

     Cross Winds Church


Long Beach - Codependents Anonymous

     Long Beach CoDa Groups

Loomis - Codependents Anonymous

     Loomis/Rocklin CoDa

Los Angeles - Coach

     Tracey Campbell


Los Angeles - Codependents Anonymous

     Los Angeles CoDa Groups

Los Angeles - Support Group

     LA Narcissistic Abuse Healing and Recovery Group


Los Angeles - Support Group

     LA NPD and Borderline Abuse Recovery Support Group


Los Angeles - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Group - THRIVE LA!

Los Angeles - Support Group

     Narcissistic Parent Support Group

     Meetup -

Los Angeles - Therapist

     Barbara Herring


Los Angeles - Therapist

     Shirin Peykar, LMFT


Los Angeles - Therapist

     Tanya Gaum


Los Gatos - Codependents Anonymous

     Faith Lutheran Church

Lucerne Valley - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Recovery And Support


Madera - Shelter

     Community Action Partnership 



Malibu - Codependents Anonymous

     Malibu CoDa Groups


Menifee - Codependents Anonymous

     CoDa Book Study - St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Merced - Codependents Anonymous

     Merced CoDa


Mill Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     CoDa Literature & Discussion Group

     Strawberry Recreation Center

     118 E Strawberry Drive

Modesto - Codependents Anonymous

     New Life CoDa Group - McHenry Village Health Conference Ctr

Modesto - Therapist

     Linda Johnson Wood, LCSW


Montclair - Codependents Anonymous

     Montclair CoDa


Montebello - Codependents Anonymous

     Alas de Angel - DePaul Center


Monterey - Codependents Anonymous

     Circle of Women - St. James Episcopal Church

Monterey - Support Group

     Thriving After Narcissistic Relationship Peer Support Group


Mountain View - Codependents Anonymous

     El Camino Hospital Park Pavillion


Murrieta - Codependents Anonymous

     CoDa 545 Meeting - Hill Recovery Building


Napa - Codependents Anonymous

     Napa County Health and Human Services

Newport Beach - Support Group

     Reclaiming Me!


Norco - Codependents Anonymous

     Norco CoDa


Oakland - Codependents Anonymous

     Oakland CoDa Groups


Oakland - Support Group *with fee

     Healing Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

     2220 Mountain Boulevard, Suite 200A, Oakland, California 94611

     (510) 314-8566

Oakland - Therapist

     Stacy George Psychotherapy
     2220 Mountain Boulevard, Suite 200A, Oakland, California 94611
     (510) 314-8566


Oceanside - Codependents Anonymous

     Oceanside CoDa Groups


Ontario - Codependents Anonymous

     Codependents Anonymous - Princeton Church

Orange - Support Group

     Narcissistic Survivor Support - So Cal (San Diego, OC, LA)

Oxnard - Codependents Anonymous

     Oxnard CoDa Groups

Pacific Palisades - Support Group

     Pacific Palisades Recovery and Support for Toxic Relationships


Palm Desert - Codependents Anonymous

     Palm Desert CoDa Groups


Palm Springs - Codependents Anonymous

     Palm Springs CoDa Groups

Palo Alto - Codependents Anonymous

     Boundary Builders - Universal Unitarian Church of Palo Alto

Paramount - Codependents Anonymous

     Let Go & Let God - Imperial Alano Club


Pasadena - Codependents Anonymous

     Pasadena CoDa Groups

Petaluma - Codependents Anonymous

     Elim Lutheran Church

Pleasanton - Codependents Anonymous

     Pleasanton CoDa

Rancho Cordova - Codependents Anonymous

     Sunriver Church

Rancho Cucamonga - Codependents Anonymous

     Rancho Cucamonga CoDa

Rancho Mirage - Codependents Anonymous

     Eisenhower Medical Center

     39000 Bob Hope Drive


Redding - Codependents Anonymous

     Pilgrim Congregational Church


Redlands - Codependents Anonymous

     First Congregational Church of Redlands


Redwood City - Codependents Anonymous

     Redwood City CoDa Groups

Redwood Shores - Codependents Anonymous

     A Fresh Start - Redwood Shores Public Library


Riverside - Codependents Anonymous

     Riverside CoDa Group


Sacramento - Codependents Anonymous

     Sacramento CoDa Groups


Sacramento - Support Group *with fee

     Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

     2621 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California 95816
     (916) 507-1817

Sacramento - Therapist

     Micaela Marie Van Dine, Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MA

     2621 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California 95816
     (916) 507-1817

Mriage & Family Therapist, MS, M

San Bernardino - Codependents Anonymous

     San Bernardino CoDa


San Bruno - Codependents Anonymous

     Bethany Presbyterian Church

San Carlos - Codependents Anonymous

     Trinity Cathedral Church

San Clemente - Codependents Anonymous

     San Clemente CoDa Groups

San Diego - Codependents Anonymous

     San Diego CoDa Groups


San Diego - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Group San Diego

San Diego - Support Group

     Reclaim Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse & THRIVE SD!

San Francisco - Coach

     Rachel Grant


San Francisco - Codependents Anonymous

     San Francisco CoDa Groups

San Francisco - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Group THRIVE BAY AREA!

San Francisco - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Group SF BAY AREA

San Francisco - Support Group

     San Francisco Emotional Trauma and PTSD Meetup Group


San Francisco - Support Group

     San Francisco Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Group


San Francisco - Support Group

     San Francisco Sociopath/ Narcissists Awareness Group

San Francisco - Therapist

     Andrea Schneider, LCSW


San Jose - Codependents Anonymous

     San Jose CoDa Groups

San Jose - Therapist

     Bea Armstrong


San Jose - Therapist

     Sharon Martin, LCSW


San Leandro - Codependents Anonymous

     Viviendo en Armonia - Iglesia Metodista


San Luis Obispo - Coach

     Tina Swithin


San Luis Obispo - Codependents Anonymous

     SLO - Melody Club


San Marcos - Codependents Anonymous

     Women's Peace and Serenity - Panorama Teen and Family Center


San Marcos - Therapist

     Dr. Rhoberta Shaler


San Pedro - Codependents Anonymous

     San Pedro Alano Club


San Rafael - Codependents Anonymous

     First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael


Santa Barbara - Codependents Anonymous

     Santa Barbara CoDa Groups

Santa Clarita - Codependents Anonymous

     Authentic You 2 - Christ Lutheran Church


Santa Cruz - Codependents Anonymous

     Santa Cruz CoDa Groups


Santa Monica - Codependents Anonymous

     Santa Monica CoDa Groups


Santa Rosa -  Codependents Anonymous

     Santa Rosa CoDa Groups

Seal Beach - Codependents Anonymous

     Seal Beach CoDa

Sebastopol - Codependents Anonymous

     CoDa for Women - Community Church of Sebastopol

Sherman Oaks - Support Group

     Women's Narcissistic Peer Support Meetup Group


Sherman Oaks - Therapist

     Natalie Jambazian


Sonoma - Codependents Anonymous

     Monday Morning CoDa - Vintage House Senior Center

South Pasadena - Codependents Anonymous

     Grace Brethern Church

Spring Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     Reflection and Meditation - Trinity Church

Studio City - Codependents Anonymous

     Studio City CoDa Groups

Studio City - Support Group

     Divorce or Break Up Grief, Confusion and Narcissism


Sun Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     Generacion con Esperanza

Sylmar - Codependents Anonymous

     Sylmar CoDa

Tehachapi - Support Group

     Tehachapi Survivors of Narcissistic Parental Abuse Meetup


Temecula - Codependents Anonymous

     Temecula CoDa

Thousand Oaks - Codependents Anonymous

     Thousand Oaks CoDa

Tiburon - Codependents Anonymous

     Tiburon CoDa


Torrance - Codependents Anonymous

     Torrance CoDa

Vacaville - Codependents Anonymous

     Vacaville CoDa

Vallejo - Codependents Anonymous

     Vallejo CoDa

Ventura - Codependents Anonymous

     Ventura CoDa

Ventura - Support Group

     Ventura Narcissistic abuse survivors Meetup Group

Victorville - Codependents Anonymous

     Victorville CoDa

Visalia - Shelter

     Family Services of Tulare County



Vista - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Support Group - North County


Walnut Creek - Codependents Anonymous

     Walnut Creek CoDa

Walnut Creek - Therapist

     Andrew Lindeman


Watsonville - Codependents Anonymous

     Watsonville CoDa

Weaverville - Codependents Anonymous

     Weaverville CoDa

West Covina - Codependents Anonymous

     West Covina CoDa

Westwood - Codependents Anonymous

     Westwood CoDa

Whittier - Codependents Anonymous

     Whittier CoDa

Wilmington - Codependents Anonymous

     Wilmington CoDa

Woodland Hills - Codependents Anonymous

     Woodland Hills CoDa

Yuba City - Codependents Anonymous

     Yuba City CoDa

Yucca Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     Yucca Valley CoDa

Tehachapi - Support Group

     Tehachapi Survivors of Narcissistic Parental Abuse Meetup


Temecula - Codependents Anonymous

     Living Recovery - Temecula Valley Alano Club

     27470 Commerce Center Drive


Thousand Oaks - Codependents Anonymous

     Ascension Lutheran Church

     1600 East Hillcrest Drive


Torrance - Codependents Anonymous

     Loving the Self - El Nido Park

     18301 Kingsdale Avenue

Torrance - Codependents Anonymous

     Conscious Contact - First United Methodist

     1551 El Prado

Tracy - Codependents Anonymous

     12 Step Study Group - WorkVine209

     1005 East Pescadero Avenue


Vacaville - Codependents Anonymous

     Letting Go - Kaiser Medical Office Building

     One Quality Drive


Vallejo - Codependents Anonymous

     Solano - Kaiser Broadway Clinic

     1761 Broadway Street

Ventura - Codependents Anonymous

     Ventura Literature Study CoDa - Kelsey's Kitchen

     212 Glen Ellen Drive

Ventura - Support Group

     Ventura Narcissistic abuse survivors Meetup Group

Vista - Support Group

     Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Support Group - North County

Vista - Support Group *with fee

     Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Group Therapy

     440 South Melrose, Vista, California 92081

     (855) 976-9486

Vista - Therapist

     Shaliss Padilla, Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

     440 South Melrose, Vista, California 92081

     (855) 976-9486

Walnut Creek - Codependents Anonymous

     Kaiser Office Building

     710 S Broadway

Walnut Creek - Codependents Anonymous

     Tuesday Women's Group - Hillside Covenant Church

     2060 Magnolia Way

Walnut Creek - Codependents Anonymous

     John Muir Medical Center, Ball Auditorium

     1601 Ygnacio Valley Road

Walnut Creek - Codependents Anonymous

     Healthy and Loving Relationships for Women - St. Paul's Episcopal Church

     1924 Trinity Avenue

Watsonville - Codependents Anonymous

     Lutheran Community Church

     95 Alta Vista Avenue

Weavervile - Codependents Anonymous

     Trinity Lutheran Church

     2150 Main Street Hwy 299


West Covina - Codependents Anonymous

     Lassen/Plumas CoDa - Westwood Community Library

     500 Birch Street

Whittier - Codependents Anonymous

     Liberty Community Plaza

     14181 Telegraph Road


Wilmington - Codependents Anonymous

     Libertad - Behavioral Health Services Inc.

     1314 N. Avalon Boulevard Ste B


Woodland Hills - Codependents Anonymous

     Men's Book Study - Starbucks Coffee

     4900 Topanga Canyon Boulevard

Woodland Hills - Codependents Anonymous

     Topanga CoDa - Topanga Christian Fellowship Church

     4395 Morro Drive


Woodland Hills - Codependents Anonymous

     Recovering Souls - Woodland Hills Presbyterian Church

     5751 Platt Avenue

Yuba City - Codependents Anonymous

     Twin Cities CoDa - First Lutheran Church

     850 Cooper Avenue


Yucca Valley - Codependents Anonymous

     11th Step CoDa Book Study - Yucca Valley Center for Change

     58945 Business Center Drive