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Narcissistic abuse is unlike any other type of abuse. It is vile, insidious, and often calculated. It is an experience few can relate to, leaving survivors feeling isolated, confused, depressed and hopeless. If you find yourself unable to understand what is happening or why it is happening to you, if you need help getting out of this abusive situation, if you want to understand NPD better, if you feel hopeless and alone, if you are having trouble letting go of the false hopes or the need for revenge, or you need validation of what you have been through, you may need to seek help with your recovery process. You need to work with a counselor or coach who has adequate training and experience in narcissistic abuse, and you likely need to build your support system. Below are available supports. Schedule a session with a certified recovery coach or counselor online, for help from any location, or follow the drop down menus to find help in your area.

*Coaches and therapists who specialize in narcissistic abuse are listed in the resources. Their certifications and licenses are not verified, however. Please do your due diligence in assuring your therapists have proper licensure, and coaches have proper certifications. ALL coaches should be certified in life or relationship coaching. Uncertified "coaches" are considered peer mentors, but can also be helpful in the early stages of healing, as they can listen to and relate to your story, and offer validation, and can be available at much lower rates, due to their lack of formal training. 

**If you know of a meeting, group, or therapist that should be added to the list, please let us know. IF YOU ARE A THERAPIST, COACH, OR PEER MENTOR THAT WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR OUR LIST, PLEASE USE THE CONTACT FORM TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST. 



I Believe Your Abuse offers email/text/Skype sessions from professionals specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery. Complete the contact form on this site to get started, or contact

EverAfter Life and Relationship Counseling or

Mental Health America online support group for abuse survivors

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