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Looking for ways you can help?

Proceeds from book sales and T-shirt sales go to spread awareness about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, to send our necessity bags to those who flee their abusive relationships with nothing, to help those who need to escape their current circumstance, and to advocate for training and education within the criminal justice and family court system with regards to invisible abuses (mental, emotional, financial, sexual). Visit our Shop page to purchase your NPD shirt and help get those terms out into the public eye.

We are in desperately in need of donations for our Narc-Free necessity bags. HERE is an Amazon list of our current needs.

Want to help but don't have any money to spend? There are many free ways to help this cause.

Click through the different links throughout the website - any clickthroughs or purchases help us.

Spread the word or share our links - it doesn't take much to offer your support. 

Want to see a change in the family court system when it comes to parental alienation?

Join our fight to implement changes that protect our children from the wrath of the narcissist in family court battles. If you're interested in writing to your state and local representatives or other stakeholder but aren't sure where to start, we have included a template letter to get you started. Find it HERE

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